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Marxism and the second world war

Seventy years ago, the major powers plunged humanity into the horror of world war.
by Peter Taaffe, from Socialism Today, magazine of the Socialist Party, cwi in England and Wales

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Scabs and courts used against striking dockers

“THIS IS an attack on terms and conditions that have been fought for and won over many years and now everything is being taken away at the drop of a hat so that MTL can make more profits”. John Walsh - MTL striker and shop steward.

At the beginning of July workers in the Dublin docks called an all out strike against the bullyboy tactics of their bosses. The management at Marine Terminal Ltd. have tried to force through redundancies and make the workers accept “take it or leave” contracts where they would be on worse wages and conditions.

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Get organised to fight the attacks

WE HAD the An Bord Snip Nua report with it’s proposal for €5.3 billion in cuts. Now we are awaiting the report from the Commission on Taxation. Media “leaks” indicate that its proposals will include a property tax, water charges and a carbon tax and the guarantee of no increase in corporation tax.

Families are already stretched by the impact of the last two budgets, on top of this for many workers in the private sector they have had to endure pay cuts and public servants have had their pay cut through the imposition of the pension levy.

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An Bord Slash Nua


An Bord Snip Nua, headed by the neo-liberal economist Colm McCarthy, has given the government a vast menu of potential cuts from which to choose for this December’s budget. The target is to cut €5.3 billion a year from public expenditure. STEPHEN BOYD analyses the situation.

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Water Charges will be met with mass opposition

There are widespread media reports today that the government will attempt to impose water charges on households in the report of the Commission on Taxation.

The Socialist Party is issuing a strong warning to the government that any attempt to re-introduce water charges will be met by a mass non-payment campaign to make this double tax uncollectible.

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Joe Higgins Speaks at Launch of Broad Left Anti-Lisbon Campaign

Socialist Party MEP, Joe Higgins spoke at a press conference yesterday launching the broad left "Vote No to Lisbon" Campaign (, formerly Campaign Against the EU Constitution).

Joe was intereviewed on RTE TV and radio about the launch of the campaign and why he will be campaigning against Lisbon. Listen to the interviews online by clicking here.

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How capitalism works

Capitalist firms produce commodities, that is a good or service produced for sale only. Every commodity has a use-value for people. That means they are useful to someone otherwise they could not be sold.

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NAMA – the Biggest Rip Off of all


THE GOVERNMENT has finally come out with more details about how its National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) is going to operate.

The proposed NAMA will buy, with government bonds, some 10,000 loans (half of which are behind in their payments and growing) and “assets” worth €90 billion off the banks at a “discount” (to be decided - but the figure of €20 billion is being bandied about).

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Thomas Cook – A courageous struggle

Trade union movement must act to defend workers’ rights

THE SIGNIFICANCE of the Thomas Cook occupation cannot be overstated. At the time of writing the issue of redundancy payments is not resolved, but already the struggle has exposed the pro-big business nature of the courts and the Gardai.

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