By Ray McLoughlin

BAUSCH AND Lomb – 200, KPMG – 200, lay offs in the first week of March continue the disastrous pattern of job losses in Ireland. Over 300 people were made redundant each working day in February in the South, 63,198 signed on the dole in the first two months of 2009! Unemployment is skyrocketing towards 500,000.

Redundancies are happening in all sectors, light engineering, construction, financial services. Further job losses are being proposed in transport, education and across the public services. Workers are looking into a black abyss of job losses, with all the consequent hardships and uncertainties facing them and their families? What leadership are the trade union leaders giving to the victims of this failure of capitalism?

Unemployment Crisis – Organise to Defend Jobs

Emergency action to  tackle unemployment


  • Don’t make the unemployed wait or feel like rubbish – end the delays in processing social welfare claims. Hire the necessary extra staff so claims are processed speedily.
  • Jobs not dole – for the guaranteed right of everyone to a decent job.
  • Reduce the working week to 35 hours, without any loss of pay, to create jobs and boost the economy.
  • Invest in a massive public development programme to provide the much needed facilities and infrastructure like schools, hospitals and public transport and in so doing create tens of thousands of new jobs.
  • Nationalise the banks, construction companies and all other major companies threatening job cuts or closure, under democratic control and management by working people.
  • For an economic plan that puts the interests of ordinary working    people before the profits of the few.