By Peter Kattourah and Paddy Meehan

IN THE past year, unemployment has officially jumped by a massive 62%! Thousands of jobs are being lost every month. In January alone 8,000 people lost their jobs in Northern Ireland. For young people, the situation is worse. Youth unemployment is now well over 20%. The Youth Fight for Jobs campaign will be taking to the streets of Belfast on Saturday 2 May together with trade unions on the May Day march.

 This article outlines why you should join the march for jobs, reports on the Youth Fight for Jobs March at the G20 in London and gives a local update on the campaign. 

NI – Youth Fight for Jobs

ON 2 April, 600 young people marched for 8 miles through the streets of London. The march, organised by the “Youth Fight for Jobs campaign”, took place as the leaders of the world’s 20 richest countries met to discuss a response to the developing world capitalist crisis.


Below are some quotes from participants

“I think the march was really good fun, and I got to meet loads of people who are inspired to change the world. I think the campaign is an excellent idea and I hope it carries on and gets bigger and bigger because, like me, there are thousands of young people who have plans for there future and will not stand by and let them go to waste. I heard it said on the day and I agree they’re putting money and power over people and that’s unacceptable!” Shannon Tells

“With the vast numbers of unemployed in this country and constant attacks on remaining jobs we need to protect every single job we can. I have been unemployed for a long time and was sacked from my last job unfairly as the companies profits fell, and I was a part time worker. I am going to university in September and am very concerned about the debt that will result from that. The march got a very good response from the majority of passers by, with some joining in, meant that it was a very productive and enjoyable day.” David Berrie, Kent

“After seeing a poster for ‘Youth fight for jobs march’ I decided that, as an unemployed youth, I should stand up and fight for my future. I brought along my friend who felt the same way, and had an amazing day at the march. It was so encouraging to be a part of something, where hundreds of other people, were all there for the same reason.” Elicia May Westley, Newham