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Delfin: English Language Teachers strike for union recognition

By Katia Hancke  “Like most labor battles, these strikes were about winning respect as much as anything else. More often than not, fights around pay are simultaneously struggles for basic human dignity…” – From “Red State Revolt: The Teachers’ Strike Wave and Working-Class Politics” by Eric Blanc In the second week in November and seven weeks into their dispute, English ...

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Nurses & Midwives’ deal: Return to pickets is key to victory

By Councillor Michael O’Brien As we go to press the Labour Court has issue its second recommendation on the settlement of the nurses and midwives struggle for pay parity with the therapeutic grades and pay equality for new entrants. The strike days in February were clearly having an impact. The original Labour Court recommendation was issued in a rush to avert ...

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Greyhound lockout – a fight for all workers

It is now nine weeks since Greyhound workers were treated in the style of William Martin Murphy by their employer, Michael Buckley. They arrived to work – were presented with new contracts, including pay cut of up to 35% and a change to a whole series of other working conditions and were instructed to sign or they were not working. After refusing to sign, they were escorted off the premises by security. Agency workers immediately began doing their jobs. This is 1913 in 2014.

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