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Brexit: Trade unionists must stand for workers’ unity

By Kevin Henry As we go to press, it is over 750 days since the Stormont institutions collapsed in the wake of the RHI. This figure is likely to rise considerably, given the sectarian games of both the DUP and Sinn Féin and the lack of any serious efforts to restart the institutions. Brexit and the uncertainty about the border ...

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French workers and young people fight anti-worker labour law

By Clare Doyle France’s ‘Socialist’ president – Francois Hollande – has this week taken the fight over the country’s labour law to a new level. After months of protests and demonstrations, the bill was heading for defeat in the National Assembly. Nearly 5,000 amendments had been submitted and at least 40 parliamentarians were going to vote against it, including 20 ...

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Marking the inspirational struggle of women

By Eleanor Donne Over the years, International Women’s Day – originally intended to mark the inspirational struggle of the half of the world’s oppressed because of gender – has been commercialised, stripped of its radical message on women’s key part in the socialist movement. As a contribution towards reclaiming the day and its real significance, Eleanor Donne of the Socialist ...

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The inspirational life of Eleanor Marx

By Christine Thomas (originally published in Socialism Today, magazine of the Socialist Party in England and Wales) Eleanor Marx played a pivotal role in the mass strikes in the East End of London in the 19th century and campaigned for a mass workers’ party. She was to the forefront of the struggle for women’s rights and for international solidarity. CHRISTINE ...

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