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US: White House document sparks debate about socialism

By Bryan Koulouris, Socialist Alternative (sister organisation of the Socialist Party in the US) “Coincident with the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth, socialism is making a comeback in American political discourse.” This is the opening sentence of an October 23, 2018 72-page paper produced by the “Council of Economic Advisors,” over forty professional economists working for Trump White House. ...

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Venezuela: the capitalist offensive – has socialism failed?

By Tony Saunois (Secretary of the Committee for a Workers International (CWI), the international socialist organisation to which the Socialist Party in Ireland is affiliated) An international campaign by capitalist politicians and media has been unleashed against president Nicolás Maduro’s Venezuelan government. It has been used by Labour’s Blairista right wing to try to weaken Jeremy Corbyn. In Spain, the ...

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Venezuela: Imperialist offensive sharpens following Assembly elections

By Izquierda Revolucionaria Venezuela & Socialismo Revolucionario (sister organisations of the Socialist Party in Venezuela) On 30 July, elections were held to elect members of the “National Constituent Assembly” (ANC). In the days prior to the election, US imperialism and the MUD (the coalition which unites the right and far-right in Venezuela) backed a campaign of threats and violence to stop ...

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