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During the next 100 days: Build the resistance to Trump’s agenda!


By Bryan Koulouris, Socialist Alternative (Sister organisation of the Socialist Party in the US) One of the most reactionary, bigoted, and predatory administrations in modern history has officially taken office. The incoming Trump presidency, from the vicious tweets to the bizarre press conferences to the reactionary cabinet picks and executive orders, has millions of people understandably feeling they are in ...

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The life and legacy of Fidel Castro


The death of Fidel Castro, aged 90, was announced by his younger brother President Raul, on Cuban state television, late last night. Millions of workers in Cuba and globally will mourn the passing of the leader, who long with Che Guevara, is most closely associated with the 1959 Cuban Revolution. At the same time, the forces of capitalist reaction and ...

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The Marxist left, the national conflict and the Palestinian struggle

The Israeli separation wall divides the Pisgat Zeev Israeli Settlement, on the left, and the Shuafat Refugee Camp, on the right, outside Jerusalem,  January 25, 2011. Al-Jazeera released leaked documents called the "Palestine Papers" that reveal  that Palestinian negotiators were willing to compromise on the issues of Jerusalem and refugees during peace talks with Israel in 2008.  UPI/Debbie Hill

Article written by members of the Socialist Struggle Movement, the sister organisation of the Socialist Party in Israel-Palestine. The article outlines how the struggle for Palestinian liberation can be won and a just and democratic solution can be achieved on the basis of a common struggle of Palestinian and Jewish working people against Israel’s capitalist regime. The Socialist Struggle Movement ...

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