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Why Syriza capitulated & the alternative road of “rupture”

By Paul Murphy TD The Syriza leadership has led the Greek working class to a significant defeat, signing up to more vicious austerity, effective colonial status and potentially demoralising significant numbers. This defeat is rooted in their reformist strategy – their belief that without breaking from capitalism, they could break from the austerity programmes pushed by the Troika. Particularly in ...

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Oxi!-No to austerity and Troika tyranny in Greece

Events in Greece have thrown the entire Eurozone into crisis and threaten its very existence. Greek banks were closed on Monday after the European Central Bank (ECB) stopped the liquidity lifeline that kept Greek banks afloat during months-long run on deposits. As of the time of publication, it is in the balance whether Greece’s latest debt payment due to the ...

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