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Making history: First Trans Pride takes place in Dublin

By Thomas White, organiser of Trans Pride On 28 July, Dublin had its first annual Trans Pride. It was organised from the beginning as a grassroots protest by and for Trans people. It sought to bring Pride back to its radical roots as a protest movement. It rejected the corporate veneer that suffocates most Pride events, with companies that carry ...

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Trans liberation & the struggle for anti-capitalist change

By Ollie Bell After winning repeal, the battle for equality is far from over. Trans rights are one of the many campaigns on people’s minds. Although binary trans people have a right to self determination in Ireland, transgender healthcare is still underfunded and the waiting list for Loughlinstown is now at 20 months. Twenty million euro has been spent on ...

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Underfunded & Church controlled: Proper healthcare denied to Trans community

By Thomas White Currently in Ireland there is a real lack of access to decent and appropriate health care services for Trans, Intersex and other gender nonconforming people throughout the health system. There are only a handful of medical practitioners in the country willing to prescribe Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) or Gender Reassignment Surgery, and an outmoded “diagnoses” based system ...

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