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A Stunning Blow- Citizens’ Assembly delay tactic backfires

The Citizens’ Assembly was established, not only as a government and political establishment delay-tactic in dealing with the 8th amendment, the consitutional abortion ban, but also quite clearly to manoevre to ensure that only limited change would be endorsed. It aimed to give a cover to politicians and an excuse to hold back on the growing demand from below for ...

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Paul Murphy TD on Jobstown trials, political policing & the role of the state

“This public force exists in every state; it consists not merely of armed men, but also of material appendages, prisons and coercive institutions of all kinds…” The ‘public force’ designed to protect the interests of the ruling class described in Friedrich Engels’ (Karl Marx’s lifelong collaborator) Origins of the Family Private Property and the State is on full display in ...

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Socialists on trial

Three Socialist Party members – Solidarity TD Paul Murphy and Councillors Kieran Mahon and Mick Murphy – are among the first seven adult Jobstown defendants who will stand trial on Monday, 24 April. Eddie McCabe and Cillian Gillespie look at why socialists are being attacked and vilified by the capitalist state and establishment. 1) We don’t play by their rules. ...

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