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Britain: Corbyn victory!

Below is a statement by Socialist Party’s sister party in England and Wales on the victory of Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership election.  This is a historic moment. Nothing will be the same again. For decades Westminster politics has meant nothing but right-wing, pro-big business politics. A handful of left Labour MPs like Jeremy Corbyn voted against austerity, war ...

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Corbyn challenge: A welcome upheaval in British politics

By Conor Payne The election for the next leader of the Labour Party has become the focus of a major movement against austerity and for a Left alternative in Britain. Jeremy Corbyn, standing on a clear left, anti-austerity and anti-war platform has galvanised huge support and enthusiasm, drawing huge crowds and is now poised to win the election on September ...

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Why we need a left government

By Laura Fitzgerald Austerity is a one-sided class war. The politicians hand in hand with the major employers have waged a war on the pay, conditions and living standards of the broad working class through swingeing cuts to public sector pay and services, zero-hour contracts in the private sector, JobBridge, home and water taxes and more. This war is being ...

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