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Interview with Argentinian pro-choice activist

The Socialist spoke to Lucia, a pro-choice activist from Argentina living in Ireland, about the recent movement there for bodily autonomy that has seen hundreds of thousands take to the streets in recent months.  What made you get involved in the movement? “I am an activist in a political organization so for several years I have been in contact with ...

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Socialist feminism, abortion rights & the fight against capitalism

By Emma Quinn The fight for abortion rights in Ireland is fast approaching its pivotal moment and the mood amongst sections of women, LGBTQ and young people is one of unapologetic determination in the struggle for “Repeal”. Much more than the essential fight for basic healthcare, rights and bodily autonomy for women and pregnant people, for many, especially young people, ...

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Abortion rights, fighting for liberation and socialism

By Katia Hancke The debate on abortion rights has moved on dramatically over the last five years. Just look at the discussions taking place even in as conservative an environment as the Oireachtas Committee on the 8th Amendment, dominated as it is by the anti-choice and right wing parties of the capitalist establishment. Witness after expert witness has outlined to ...

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