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Delfin: English Language Teachers strike for union recognition

By Katia Hancke  “Like most labor battles, these strikes were about winning respect as much as anything else. More often than not, fights around pay are simultaneously struggles for basic human dignity…” – From “Red State Revolt: The Teachers’ Strike Wave and Working-Class Politics” by Eric Blanc In the second week in November and seven weeks into their dispute, English ...

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Review: ‘Sorry We Missed You’ directed by Ken Loach

By Andrea Murray Sorry We Missed You is a gritty and gruelling look at the “gig economy” by Ken Loach and the award winning team behind I, Daniel Blake. It’s a powerful exploration of the modern world of work and the challenges facing one particular family struggling to keep it together, set in and around Newcastle in North-East England. Ricky ...

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Delfin English Language Teachers strike for union recognition

By Harper Cleves The teachers at the Delfin Language School have voted to take strike action in order to put pressure on management to recognise the union of their choice, Unite. This decision was made following repeated attempts by Unite the Union to discuss the concerns of the workers with the management at Delfin. Teachers organised and participated in two ...

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Shining a light on the rigged capitalist economy

By Megan Brady The State We Are In: Inequality in Ireland Today, a report recently published by TASC, an economic think-tank, has shone a spotlight on the appalling levels of inequality that exist in Ireland today. These inequalities are a direct result of the capitalist system we are currently living under. In an age of precarity, when workers’ labour is ...

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Precarity- Why a new generation of workers must organise

From fast food workers getting organised to fight for a living wage, to Uber drivers fighting a company infamous for its use of bogus self-employment models, to McDonalds’ workers in the US saying ‘No More’ to sexual harassment, a section of workers traditionally seen as “hard to organise” are proving their willingness to fight. Katia Hancke looks at what this ...

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