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As Jobstown stands tall- Labour is in the gutter

Immediately after the protest in Jobstown in 2014, Joan Burton went to Garda Headquarters in the Phoenix Park, and what began was a polital joint venture involving two wings of the establishment. The Gardaí wanted prosecutions to help re-assert their authority and control in the many communities who had resisted the Gardaí’s action and political policing to support Irish Water’s ...

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Establishment parties hit a wall of anger – political crisis looms

By Cillian Gillespie and Ruth Coppinger TD “It is clear that, as James Connolly said a hundred years ago: “the day has passed for patching up the capitalist system; it must go”. We need democratic public control and ownership of wealth and resources if society is to be run for people’s needs, not profit.” These were the words of Socialist ...

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Anti Austerity Alliance – Organising to challenge the 1%

By Emma Quinn The decision of the DPP to press charges against 23 Jobstown protesters is a serious attack on both the AAA and the water charges movement in general. This coincides with the refusal by Garda to grant a permit to the AAA to collect money door to door in Tallaght – a blatant attempt to prevent the funding ...

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