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Free Ibrahim Halawa

Ibrahim Halawa

AAA TD & Socialist Party member Paul Murphy recently visited Egypt to meet Irish citizen Ibrahim Halawa, who has been incarcerated by the el-Sisi military dictatorship since August 2013 to highlight the injustice of his case. Below he writes a report of the visit and the brutal realities of life under el-Sisi’s rule. “I want to go home.” That was ...

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Jobstown trial: Organise to oppose criminalisation of protest


By Katia Hancke Two years ago, many working class communities ravaged by austerity demonstrated enough was enough and got out on the streets against water charges. One such community was Jobstown in Tallaght, where a spontaneous protest inconvenienced Joan Burton for a few hours. The establishment media jumped on this and tried to demonise those involved as a “dangerous fringe”. ...

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Apple tax scam, Jobstown- We need a party for the class struggles ahead


By Kevin McLoughlin With a straight face, Enda Kenny says he is appealing the Apple judgement in the public interest. It is speculated that five or six other multinationals operating in Ireland are also being investigated. If the back tax figure for Apple is €19 billion, how much was robbed altogether from the public – in the public interest? Defending ...

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Jobstown is not guilty: Fight this criminal injustice

Jobstown protest

Text of the Socialist Party leaflet given out a #JobstownNotGuilty protest today.   The criminalisation of those who protested against Joan Burton in Jobstown last November is a disgrace. This largely spontaneous protest by residents of a working class community was directed against a government Minister who has overseen cuts to rent allowance, child benefit and more recently lone parent ...

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Lessons from Greece – how can the Troika be defeated?

SYRIZA photo

By Paul Murphy TD No sooner had the Greek people decisively voted to end austerity, than the European establishment moved to annul the election results. The key demands upon which Syriza was elected – the kicking out of the Troika, a European debt conference to reduce the debt burden and a lifting of austerity – were dismissed. European capitalism bears ...

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Stunning by-election victory: a blow against water charges


It will be a day that's remembered for years to come in Ireland, 12 October 2014. An estimated 100,000 marched in Dublin against the hated Water Charges and Paul Murphy, Anti Austerity Alliance (AAA) candidate, won a By-Election by leading the call for a mass campaign of non-payment and active resistance to this double tax.

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