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Solidarity with Summerhill Occupation

The following article was written by Socialist Party members William Foley and Robert Cosgrave who have participated in the Summerhill occupation. Since the night of 7 August, housing activists have been occupying apartments on Summerhill Parade owned by slum landlords, Pat and PJ O’Donnell. A banner hanging from an upstairs window declares: “Homes For All.”. In a week where pictures ...

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Palestine/Israel: Everyday life under occupation

Just before Christmas the United Nations security council symbolically voted 14-0 declaring Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank as illegal. The United States abstained, denying a veto sought by Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition government in Israel and US President-elect Donald Trump. A week earlier, Socialist Struggle Movement – the Israel/Palestine section of the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI- the international socialist organisation to ...

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5 Years since Dell closure in Limerick

Put workers’ livelihoods before super-profits SAVE ALL JOBS AT DELL   “This is not about a company that’s in trouble. This is about greed, corporate greed. They’re going to Poland because apparently they can make an extra 3%” – Sacked Dell Worker (quoted in Associated Press) Like a vulture, having ripped profit out of its workers in Limerick, Dell now ...

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