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Water charges: Why non-payment is essential

By Kevin McLoughlin “If you fight you might lose, if you don’t you have already lost.” It is meaningless to oppose to the water charges, but then to pay them. Your “protest” will be ignored and the government will have successfully robbed you of more of your money, and you will have made it easy for them. Refuse to pay ...

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Boycotting water charges – “not the Sinn Féin position”

By Laura Fitzgerald When Anti Austerity Alliance and Socialist Party TDs proposed a motion in the Dáil for a massive boycott to force the abolition of water charges, this is how Sinn Féin President, Gerry Adams, responded: “[T]he motion also calls for a boycott of water charge bills by householders. This is not the Sinn Féin position. We will support ...

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Bin Your Bills Protest- April 18th

·          Bin Your Bills Protest– Dozens of campaigns committed to boycott launch major demo for April 18th ·         Non-Payment Network Appeal campaign groups, community groups & activists to get posters & leaflets into every ‘city, town, village & rural area’ in the country Speaking at a press conference outside Irish Water to launch the non-payment protest on April 18th Paul ...

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