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Anti Austerity Alliance – Organising to challenge the 1%

By Emma Quinn The decision of the DPP to press charges against 23 Jobstown protesters is a serious attack on both the AAA and the water charges movement in general. This coincides with the refusal by Garda to grant a permit to the AAA to collect money door to door in Tallaght – a blatant attempt to prevent the funding ...

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ICTU must back non-payment

By Stephen Boyd ICTU’s biennial conference passed a motion opposing the implementation of water charges. However, this decision was opposed by the leaderships of two of the biggest unions, SIPTU and IMPACT. O’Connor parrots FG / LP propaganda SIPTU president and leading Labour Party member, Jack O’Connor once again showed how removed he is from the reality of the lives ...

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57% join boycott of water charge

Michael O’Brien, AAA councillor and Socialist Party member The confidence anti-water charges activists derived from Irish Water and the government’s reticence about revealing the payment figures for the first water bill has proven to be well founded. On Tuesday, an admission came confirming a 57% boycott of the first bill, representing around 860,000 households out of the 1.52 million they ...

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What kind of Left challenge is needed?

By Kevin McLoughlin Working class people made the demonstration of 11 October last year a historic event. They mobilised themselves and changed the political situation in the whole country and in so doing they propelled Right2Water to a prestigious position of being a key convenor for this new movement. Incredibly within months in another historic mobilisation, the working class has ...

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Water charges: Don’t panic, don’t pay!

Irish Water Refuse to Give Payment Figures Despite Taoiseach telling TDs ‘to toddle along’ for information Kenny’s ignorant Dail remark shows govt rocked & proposed Legislation no ‘silver bullet’ to Irish Water Boycott Massive Boycott in process & Irish Water Cannot Deduct at Source & Courts will be jammed Earlier in the Dail today during Leaders Questions Taoiseach Enda Kenny ...

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