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Jobstown is innocent: A rotten stitch up exposed

By Cillian Gillespie “The news has just come through from the Central Criminal Court and I am the first to report it to the House. Deputy Paul Murphy, not guilty; Councillor Michael Murphy, not guilty; Councillor Kieran Mahon, not guilty; Frank Donaghy, not guilty; Michael Banks, not guilty; and Scott Masterson, not guilty.” – Mick Barry TD As Solidarity TD ...

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Water charges suspended: Protest movement & boycott force climb down

By Katia Hancke “What parliament does, the people on the streets can undo”. Mick Barry TD accurately described the key reason for the embarrassing climb down forced on the establishment parties – the massive movement that developed in towns and cities across Ireland over the last two years. Victory for people power Water charges have been suspended as a result ...

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Replace Labour with a real Left

By Cllr.­ Cian Prendiville The Labour Party was founded by socialists such as Connolly and Larkin to give an independent political voice for workers, women and young people in the fight against the super-rich and their political puppets. It has not only broken every election promise and breached every principle, it has betrayed the very purpose for which it was ...

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