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Sharp rise in mental health problems

By Shane Finnan In the wake of the global financial crash in 2008, Mark Fisher – a socialist academic – commented on the “mental health plague” that exists in neo-liberal capitalist society. In a society where the primary ideology is built on a foundation of ruthless self-interest, individualization and profiteering, arising from an economic system that is characterized by a ...

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Capitalism and the mental health crisis

By Ciaran Mulholland The capitalist system is bad for your mental health. This has been known for decades but the defenders of the system either ignore the evidence, or if they are forced to admit it, they simply shrug their shoulders and claim that as there is no alternative economic system nothing can be done. Boom and slump  The problem ...

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Mental health crisis- Action needed now

By Ciaran Mulholland Our health care system is in crisis. This is most clearly illustrated by the many hundreds waiting on trolleys in Accident and Emergency Departments every weekend, and by the long waiting lists for planned surgery. Another aspect of the crisis is the poor service received by those with mental health conditions such as depression. Lacks of services ...

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