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No delay, gender recognition for all!

By Ollie Bell, co-founder of Trans and Intersex Pride Dublin  Last November, the report of the Gender Recognition Act review revealed that the government wasn’t going to implement non-binary recognition or gender recognition for under-16s. The only real change that the review promised was that young people aged between 16 and 17 would now be able to get gender recognition ...

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The global fight for LGBTQ+ rights

By Thomas White Internationally LGBTIQ+ people are under attack with crackdowns on the queer community going hand in hand with a general rising trend of repression against protest movements. Prominent attempted roll backs of queer rights in the US have been a feature of the Trump regime’s racist, sexist, pro-billionaire agenda. The attempted ban issued by official Twitter decree on ...

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Women’s & LGBT Liberation in Revolutionary Russia

Young people internationally are being politicised by the oppression of women and LGBT people, opening up debates as to how this discrimination and inequality can be ended. EMMA QUINN looks at the experience of the Russian Revolution and the radical progressive measures introduced by the Bolsheviks that were seen as part of the initial steps to bring about the full ...

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