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Role of vulture funds laid bare

Vulture funds

By Sami El-Sayed On Monday 9 January, RTÉ aired The Great Irish Sell-Off. The hour long documentary outlined broadly the activities of appropriately named vulture funds in Ireland and across many parts of the world. The documentary showed the huge value in assets that these few vulture funds hold, the massive human cost for ordinary people, and the pittance in ...

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Blairite hysteria over “Trotskyist infiltrators”

By Conor Payne The campaign against Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the British Labour Party has led to new attacks from the media and the Blairites on ‘Trotskyism” and the Militant, forerunners of the Socialist Party. Deputy Leader Tom Watson produced a ‘dossier’ on Trotskyist infiltration of the party, claiming that Labour was being taken over by “Trotsky entryists” who are ...

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Britain: Chilcot’s damning findings on Iraq war


The 2.6 million-word Chilcot report in essence acknowledges that the devastating war on Iraq and occupation was a completely unjustifiable act of military aggression, by making it clear that it was not necessary. Families of the UK army personnel who died or were seriously injured in Iraq, and the millions of Iraqi people whose lives have been shattered by the ...

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Britain: After the Brexit referendum


By Hannah Sell, Socialist Party deputy general secretary Tories Out! General election now! Fight for a 24 hour general strike “The referendum result may well go down in history as the pitchfork moment”, declared the Financial Times (FT), wailing the anger and despair of Britain’s elite at the decision by the majority of voters in Britain to leave the European ...

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No amendments, no “Citizens’ Convention”: Repeal the 8th now

Repeal the 8th day of action

By Ruth Coppinger TD The demand for Repeal of the 8th amendment abortion ban is growing throughout Irish society. It has become a key issue among young people, although recent polls by Amnesty show support for change across every age and region. More than ever before, there is a chance to remove from the Constitution a sectarian, misogynistic law that ...

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How long can Kenny’s government last?

FG minority government

  By Kevin McLoughlin After the election Enda Kenny strutted around repeating to himself, “I’m still the Taoiseach”. It’s taken two months but now this “emperor” is staggering not strutting, barely wearing a fig leaf and making concessions to Fianna Fáil so they can cobble together a minority government. He’s likely to creep over the finishing line and become the ...

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Water charges suspended: Protest movement & boycott force climb down

water protest

By Katia Hancke “What parliament does, the people on the streets can undo”. Mick Barry TD accurately described the key reason for the embarrassing climb down forced on the establishment parties – the massive movement that developed in towns and cities across Ireland over the last two years. Victory for people power Water charges have been suspended as a result ...

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Replace Labour with a real Left

Ruth Coppinger photo

By Cllr.­ Cian Prendiville The Labour Party was founded by socialists such as Connolly and Larkin to give an independent political voice for workers, women and young people in the fight against the super-rich and their political puppets. It has not only broken every election promise and breached every principle, it has betrayed the very purpose for which it was ...

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Schools Admissions policies: Separate Church and State

church and state

By Robert Cosgrave On Sunday, October 25 hundreds of people came out on the streets of Dublin to protest against the continued dominance of the Catholic Church in the Irish education system. Similarly in an online poll for the Irish Times released this year the majority of participants agreed that equal access to schools should be given to all children, ...

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Keep up the pressure to… Repeal the 8th amendment

Abortion demo

By Katia Hancke At the end of September over 10,000 people – young, vibrant, passionate and confident about the issue – made a very clear statement at the March for Choice: our time is now. We can’t wait, repeal the 8th! Repeal gains support They reflected the widespread support for repeal of the 8th amendment out of the constitution right ...

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