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New movements, old dilemma- Reform or Revolution today

Syriza victory

The election of the Syriza government in February 2015 was greeted with enthusiastic support by working class people in Greece and across Europe, only to turn into bitter disappointment after its capitulation to the Troika in July. As inequality and austerity continue to radicalise millions, leading to the rise of new movements of the Left, Paul Murphy argues that there ...

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The Bernie Sanders challenge

Bernie Sanders artilce

The established political order in the US has been shaken up by Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. Not only has he tapped into a widespread anti-corporate mood, he has also fired up interest in socialist ideas. TOM CREAN reports on the impact of his campaign, and the tasks it sets for the workers’ movement. The 2016 US ...

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North: Step up the fight for LGBTQ equality

Bert and Ernie

By Kevin Henry The vote for marriage equality in the South is an important point of inspiration in the fight for equality here. Many will also be disappointed that, once again, Northern Ireland is being left behind when it comes to LGBT rights, as well as women’s rights, while racist attacks increase and sectarian division continues to pervade society. DUP: ...

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Why you should be a socialist

comrades in US

The following article was written by members of Socialist Alternative, the sister organisation of the Socialist Party in the US. We have been to the forefront in the struggle for the fight $15 an hour and in November 2013 SA member Kshama Sawant was elected as council member in Seattle receiving 95,000 votes. 1. We are helping lead the fight back ...

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Damning report on inequality


By Diana O’Dwyer A new report by TASC shows that Ireland has the worst ‘market income’ inequality in the EU before tax and social welfare. – The top one percent of households receive ten percent of wages, profits and rents, or €373,000 on average. – The top ten percent receive a third of market income and own 42-58% of wealth. ...

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