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Sinn Féin’s message fails to inspire


By Finghín Kelly Many of those voting Sinn Féin in the recent election did so in the belief that the party represented a challenge to the status quo and the establishment. After the election Gerry Adams even made the claim that Sinn Féin were “the main party representing working people”. Accepting neo-liberalism In the debate about ‘fiscal space’ Sinn Féin ...

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Market failure sees homelessness sky rocket

Housing crisis

By Dave Murphy The government’s failure to act on the homelessness crisis means the situation has now gotten so bad that at a recent meeting of Dublin City Council it was revealed that there is an €18.5m black-hole in its emergency accommodation budget. Rent controls now! In June alone, 65 families were made homeless in Dublin. This is due to ...

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Government must ban home repossessions by banks


· Profitable state-owned banks should write down mortgage debt · Repossession crisis will become intensify homelessness crisis The Anti-Austerity Alliance has today responded to comments made by Taoiseach Enda Kenny on the increase in home repossessions being lodged by banks and the inaction of his government: Ruth Coppinger TD said: “There are bills for repossession lodged on 1,673 family homes ...

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Vultures make a killing on NAMA property

25/11/2008 A member of the Homeless community on M

By Diana O’Dwyer A little noted feature of the so-called ‘recovery’ from the banking and property crash is the sell-off of residential and commercial property to international capitalist investors. Typically enough, the impact on the former property-owners and -occupiers has varied enormously, in accordance with their power and wealth and influence over government policy. There was never any bailout for ...

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State must build public housing

Housing Development in Toomevera, Co. Tipperary

Despite more than 289,000 vacant dwellings in Census 2011, there is the most serious housing crisis seen in this country for decades. Few of these vacant properties are being turned over to the state. Many are being deliberately held onto by developers, Nama or receivers, clearly waiting for prices to rise again and turn a profit.

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Housing crisis enriching landlords’ profits


Labour and Fine Gael housing policy is to enrich private landlords and boost their profits by not providing social housing and push more people into rent supplement arrangements. Figures reveal that the government gave €400 million to private landlords in 2012. The top 20 earners, all owning over 100 houses each, pocketed a massive €5 million. One landlord alone took ...

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