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Seething anger at housing crisis grows

By Katia Hancke  On Thursday 5 December, in the middle of the day, thousands of people took to the streets of Dublin to demand action on the housing crisis. Working-class people from all over the city and beyond, many directly affected by homelessness at some point in their lives, brought their families and friends. All over the country, hundreds gathered ...

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5 reasons to march on 5 December

By Manus Lenihan 60,000 people have joined the Facebook group “Protest Against Homelessness in Ireland,” pledging to march on December 5th, 12pm at the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin. Here’s why you should join the protest.     Because the scenes of misery on our streets are getting worse by the day. Kids are queuing in their school uniforms for ...

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Housing crisis and landlord abuse of power 

By Ruth Coppinger TD Exploitation has always been part and parcel of the private rented sector, including sexual exploitation. With the escalating housing crisis, the balance of power has dramatically shifted even more to landlords. But until recently‘sex for rent’ had only been anecdotal and not publicly brought out in Ireland. In September, Socialist Party members were approached by a ...

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Shameful inaction as housing crisis deteriorates

By Eleni Vetsika Despite government promises pre- and post-election, the scale of the housing crisis has only become sharper in the last few months. The most recent official figures show that a record total of 6,709 people are now homeless nationwide, which means about 1,173 families, and a shocking 2,426 children. In July of this year, the government published Rebuilding ...

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