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Capitalist establishment rejected but… How can real change be achieved?

On 8 February, people cast their votes and produced an historic election result, the ripples from which will continue for some time, writes Kevin McLoughlin.  The two traditional capitalist parties were left reeling at the temerity of voters to only give them a combined vote of 43.4%. Insult was added to injury when it emerged they came only second and ...

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Local & Euro Elections 2019: Green Surge & Lacklustre Performance for Political Establishment

A very significant surge for the Greens, huge loss of seats for Sinn Fein, and losses for the Left were the headline stories of Local and European Elections May 2019. While the elections absolutely did not represent any ringing endorsement for the Government or political establishment, the combination of the impact of a late Greens surge, and a low turnout amongst the harder pressed sections of the working class, impinged significantly on the Left’s vote.

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Review: Our Revolution by Bernie Sanders

By Jess Spear Bernie Sanders’ campaign for the American presidency was without doubt the biggest political movement in the US in the past 30 years. It inspired millions of people to get active and organized to fight for radical change. After nearly a decade since the economic crash of 2007/8, millions of homes lost, lives destroyed, services left underfunded, and ...

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Assembly Elections: Positive moves against sectarian politics

By Daniel Waldron The campaign in the run-up to the Assembly election was a dull and uneventful affair. The result has brought little over-all change. Yet there were significant signs that the growing alienation from sectarianism, austerity and backward social policies is beginning to find a positive expression, with left forces taking important steps forward. Other than the usual sectarian ...

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