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Repressive EU strengthens “Fortress Europe”

Fortress Europe

By Laura Fitzgerald Imperialist intervention into the Middle East by the US and key EU powers, aided by the Irish state with warplanes refuelling in Shannon, is at the root of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. Today, over 50% of Syria’s population are displaced, many of whom have already been bereaved of loved ones, have been traumatised by seeing their home ...

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Mental health crisis- Action needed now

mental health

By Ciaran Mulholland Our health care system is in crisis. This is most clearly illustrated by the many hundreds waiting on trolleys in Accident and Emergency Departments every weekend, and by the long waiting lists for planned surgery. Another aspect of the crisis is the poor service received by those with mental health conditions such as depression. Lacks of services ...

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Why this rotten system can’t be reformed

Article on reformism

By Kevin McLoughlin On 12 July in Paraguay the Pope told young people to “make a mess” in their struggle against capitalism. On the same day as the leader of one of the most conservative institutions on earth made this call, Syriza jettisoned its anti-austerity stance in a historic betrayal of the Greek working class. Alexis Tsipras dragged himself and ...

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Greece: New Left force launched following Tsipras’ betrayal

Greece Bailout

Interview with Andreas Payiatsos, Xekinima (sister organisation of the Socialist Party in Greece), by Lucy Redler, After 43 Syriza MPs (out of 149) refused to back the third memorandum package in mid-August, Tsipras resigned as Prime Minister. His plan was to strengthen his support with fresh elections, due to the fact that many Greeks still support the government, because the ...

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Interview with a Greek socialist: Which way forward for the left in Greece?

Oxi Athens protest

Below is an interview with Andros Payiatsos from Xekinima, the sister organisation of the Socialist Party in Greece given in the aftermath of the capitulation of the Tsipras government to the demands of the Troika: What is the mood amongst Greek workers and youth? Immediately after Tsipras signed the memorandum, which we had anticipated, because he had been making one concession ...

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EU referendum: “OXI” to a bankers’ Europe


By Ciaran Mulholland Tory Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged to hold an “in-out” referendum on the European Union (EU) in Britain and Northern Ireland by the end of 2017. His preference is to hold the referendum in 2016 if possible, depending on the outcome of negotiations with the other 27 countries in the EU. It is clear that he ...

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Capitalist media – cheerleaders for Troika tyranny

soup kitchen

Greek media blackout of “Oxi” Irish people remember the incredible media bias during the Lisbon, Nice and “Austerity Treaty” referenda. That was nothing compared to the depths the media, in Greece and globally, sank to before the 5 July referendum. 36 people were interviewed in one a Mega TV bulletin, and surprise surprise, every single one of them was going ...

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Why Syriza capitulated & the alternative road of “rupture”

Image of Tsipras

By Paul Murphy TD The Syriza leadership has led the Greek working class to a significant defeat, signing up to more vicious austerity, effective colonial status and potentially demoralising significant numbers. This defeat is rooted in their reformist strategy – their belief that without breaking from capitalism, they could break from the austerity programmes pushed by the Troika. Particularly in ...

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Oxi!-No to austerity and Troika tyranny in Greece

Oxi Athens protest

Events in Greece have thrown the entire Eurozone into crisis and threaten its very existence. Greek banks were closed on Monday after the European Central Bank (ECB) stopped the liquidity lifeline that kept Greek banks afloat during months-long run on deposits. As of the time of publication, it is in the balance whether Greece’s latest debt payment due to the ...

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