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After General Election 2020- How do we win real change in Ireland?

Statement from Solidarity and the Socialist Party on the vote for Taoiseach today While it is practically ruled out that a Taoiseach will be elected and a government formed today, today’s events in the Dáil, at its first meeting since the General Election on 8 February, are very important. Since the historic vote, when Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael plunged ...

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Britain: Corbyn must fight election with socialist policies

Theresa May has called a general election for one reason – not the reason she gave – but because of the government’s weakness in face of a rising tide of anger in British society. Workers are suffering the most prolonged squeeze on wages since the start of the nineteenth century. Benefits cuts are leaving millions without enough money to feed ...

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Establishment parties hit a wall of anger – political crisis looms

By Cillian Gillespie and Ruth Coppinger TD “It is clear that, as James Connolly said a hundred years ago: “the day has passed for patching up the capitalist system; it must go”. We need democratic public control and ownership of wealth and resources if society is to be run for people’s needs, not profit.” These were the words of Socialist ...

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Working class people need a government that puts the 99% first

Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s decision to hold the general election in spring 2016 is in part an attempt to give the Labour Party some breathing space. All it will actually achieve is a delay in the inevitable retribution from working class people who will deliver a major blow to Labour for their betrayals come the election. In the run into to ...

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