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North Africa and the Revolutionary Processes in Algeria and Sudan

Resolution approved by CWI International Executive Committee By bringing down two long-standing dictators within a week in April of this year, the revolutionary uprisings in Algeria and Sudan have confirmed the analysis made by the CWI eight years ago, while stunning most bourgeois scholars and commentators. At the time, we explained that the revolutions initiated in Tunisia and Egypt were ...

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Sudan: Counter-revolution rears its ugly head

By Serge Jordan, Committee for a Workers’ International (the international socialist organisation the Socialist Party in Ireland is affiliated to)  On Monday June 3 before dawn, the military regime and its thugs brutally dispersed the sit-in which had been camping outside the military headquarters in Sudan’s capital Khartoum since April 6, and which had served as the focal point for ...

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Ibrahim Halawa: Government inaction is damning

By Sami El-Sayed On 3 April, news emerged of the continuing deterioration of Ibrahim Halawa’s health. One of over 40,000 political prisoners in Egypt, Ibrahim has been held for over three years without trial by the el-Sisi dictatorship, with his trial delayed for the 20th time in March of this year. Halawa – an Irish citizen – has been on ...

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Free Ibrahim Halawa

AAA TD & Socialist Party member Paul Murphy recently visited Egypt to meet Irish citizen Ibrahim Halawa, who has been incarcerated by the el-Sisi military dictatorship since August 2013 to highlight the injustice of his case. Below he writes a report of the visit and the brutal realities of life under el-Sisi’s rule. “I want to go home.” That was ...

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