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Why you should be a socialist

By Cillian Gillespie How can five of the richest people on the planet have as much wealth as the poorest 3.5 billion? Why did 82% of the wealth created last year go to the top 1%? In Ireland, supposedly the fastest growing economy in Europe, why are 10,000 people homeless? Wealth inequality, imperialist war, economic exploitation, a homelessness tsunami and ...

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International Women’s Day 2018: The fight for abortion rights in Ireland

The following statement was written by Socialist Party member and ROSA activist Laura Fitzgerald for the website of the Committee for a Workers’ International to mark International Women’s Day 2018.  International Women’s Day 2018 will be dominated by the issue of abortion on the island of Ireland, with particular focus on the South where years of agitation and mobilisation has ...

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Jobstown is not guilty: Fight this criminal injustice

Text of the Socialist Party leaflet given out a #JobstownNotGuilty protest today.   The criminalisation of those who protested against Joan Burton in Jobstown last November is a disgrace. This largely spontaneous protest by residents of a working class community was directed against a government Minister who has overseen cuts to rent allowance, child benefit and more recently lone parent ...

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