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Minimum wage: Why we need €15 NOW!

  By Shane Finnan Rents soar, the cost of living continues upwards, all the while wages remain, for the most part, restrained. Working-class people, especially the young, feel the pinch every week. Irish capitalism has failed to deliver for the working-class and young. Thousands of people are forced to stay at home in a state of delayed adolescence. Many are ...

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Workers and the Recovery: We want to live, not just exist!

  By Michael O’Brien Recent years of economic growth and an increase in employment rates constitutes the greatest part of the government’s claim of recovery. However, the ‘recovery’ in employment rates has not brought an end the cost of living crisis experienced by hundreds of thousands of workers. A real workers’ recovery is needed that combats precarity, struggles for real ...

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Karl Marx’s theory of class struggle: the working class & revolution

Two hundred years since Karl Marx was born and 170 years since his most famous work, The Communist Manifesto, was published, Eddie McCabe looks at Marx’s theory of class struggle and assesses its relevance for today.   Without the labour power of workers, capitalists can’t make profits. The system can’t function. Of all the things a capitalist can buy to ...

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