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From Chile to India: a new global feminist anthem

By Myriam Poizat  For the past month, a Chilean protest song and choreography about sexual violence, state sexism and a culture of victim blaming has become a viral anthem for feminists around the world. Following the first song protest performed on 25 November, the international day against gender based violence, tens of thousands have performed the song in Chile and ...

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2019: A turning point

By Per-Ake Westerlund from the Committee for a Workers International (CWI), the international socialist organisation to which the Socialist Party in Ireland is affiliated  2019 marks a definite political turning point globally. Particularly in the last months, we have seen mass struggles and general strikes around the world with revolutionary characteristics. This is a mass explosion, a result of accumulated ...

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“Chile despertó”! Chile wakes up in mass protest

Just weeks ago, right-wing President Piñera was declaring in the media that Chile was an oasis in Latin America and the IMF was praising its merits. But when he announced a 30 pesos (about 5 euro cents) increase in the fee for a metro ticket, thousands of young people from secondary schools organised massive protests. The youth ‘invaded’ the metro ...

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Review: Nae Pasaran

Nae Pasaran  Director: Felipe Bustos Sierra Debasers Filums, 2018 Reviewed by Neil Moore On the 45th anniversary of the Chilean coup d’état, a new documentary tells the story of a group of Scottish factory workers and their incredible act of solidarity with the Chilean people against a brutal right-wing dictatorship. Chile, the 11 September 1973 – a military coup backed ...

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