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Childcare crisis reaches point of collapse- Fund free public childcare now

By Katia Hancke  Childcare services have reached breaking point due to the callous insistence of this government to treat the care of our children as a for-profit business. Childcare workers and small providers, with the support of many parents, have been driven to closing down the sector for a day to force this issue onto the political agenda. The spiralling ...

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Vote 1 Rita Harrold: A Socialist Feminist Voice for Workers, Women & the Planet

This is the text of Rita Harrold’s leaflet for the European election campaign in Dublin that will be distributed to 250,000 homes in Dublin.  Let Us Rise!– Public Need Not Private Greed “The water charges and repeal movements show things can change. Rita Harrold & the Socialist Party were in the front-line of those victories. The nurses have also shown ...

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Outrageous and astronomical costs- Free public childcare now!

By Katia Hancke Every parent of young children in Ireland already knows it, but official reports once again confirm that childcare costs in Ireland are astronomical. They are crippling middle and low-income families. As a percentage of income, childcare costs in Ireland are higher than anywhere else in the EU. The average weekly full-time childcare costs of €177.92 nationally, rising ...

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Euro elections: Vote no.1 Rita Harrold

From the housing crisis, to the cervical cancer scandal, to climate change – capitalism’s profit motive clashes with the needs of the majority. I’m Rita Harrold a 29 year old childminder from Crumlin & a longstanding Socialist Party activist. I’ve been involved in the anti water charges movement, in standing with workers most recently on the nurses and paramedics picket ...

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End the burden of childcare costs

By Adrienne Harvey Fears that the Government’s More Affordable Childcare Scheme would increase the financial burden on parents have been realised. The subsidy of up to €80 per month was intended to help parents cope with rising childcare costs. However, some parents have already seen this potential gain wiped out after being notified of increases of €90 per month. This ...

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Homelessness, inequality, childcare… Why capitalism isn’t delivering?

By Kevin McLoughlin SUPPLY AND demand in the “free market” is supposedly the best way to produce what we need.“Free market” are just sanitised words for capitalism – production for profit. The pursuit of profit inevitably leads to economic inequality and as of June, five men owned the same amount of wealth as half the world’s population. Over the last ...

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