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Coronavirus-China’s Dictatorship Ignites Massive Backlash

“They are lying, we know they are lying. They also know that we know they are lying, and yet they are still lying.” This online comment from a resident of Wenzhou, one of several big cities locked down under an unprecedented quarantine, underlines the explosive anger being felt across China as the novel coronavirus (2019-nCov) epidemic spreads at an alarming ...

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Hong Kong: Mass struggle needs new direction

Organising the working class is the key to victory 1.7 million people marched in Hong Kong on Sunday 18 August in yet another gigantic display of anger and defiance against the local (Hong Kong) and central (Beijing) governments. The struggle now enters its 12th week as the Chinese dictatorship shows no signs of shifting from its strategy of increasingly brutal ...

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How long can Hong Kong’s “zombie” leader Carrie Lam cling to power?

Interview with Vincent Kolo taken from www.chinaworker.info, the website of our sister organisation in Hong Kong/China/Taiwan on the mass protest protests that have erupted in Hong Kong against attempts to introduce a new extradition law. After one in four of Hong Kong’s population join mega demonstration – how far can the movement push? The incredible mass movement in Hong Kong ...

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Hong Kong’s one million march – political strike is the way forward

Protests escalate as government refuses to bend over extradition law Dikang, Socialist Action (CWI in Hong Kong) One million marchers on June 9 vented their anger and defiance against the government’s proposed amendments to the extradition law. It was the biggest demonstration in Hong Kong since the handover to Chinese rule, matched only by the demonstration in June 1989 immediately ...

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