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Vicious Tories win with lies – but mass struggle looms on the horizon

The Conservative victory at the general election is a major setback for the working class and youth of Britain. The bumbling bigot Johnson will whip up prejudice and launch further attacks on our services, livelihoods and environment. This will meet with resistance which we will support and help organise. Local ‘conferences of resistance’ should be convened everywhere, by trade unions, ...

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British elections – Final countdown

By Claire Laker Mansfield, Socialist Alternative (our sister organisation in England, Wales and Scotland)  The final countdown has begun. With less than a week left of election campaigning, Corbyn and Johnson took part in the final televised head-to-head on 6 December. The debate revealed a contrast that could barely be clearer. In some ways, Johnson’s posh-boy debating society demeanour illustrated ...

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British elections: Fight for a Corbyn-led Labour government!

Build a mass movement to win- Organise to fight for socialism December’s general election has the potential to mark an historic turning point. It is an opportunity to build a mass movement to demand a society that works for the millions. It’s a chance to kick out the Tories and put Jeremy Corbyn in number ten. Corbyn can win this ...

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Brexit: Johnson deal threatens division and race to the bottom

The seemingly intractable problem of Brexit continues. After MPs rejected Boris Johnson’s plans to rush his deal with the EU through in three days, a further extension requested by Parliament against the wishes of the government was granted. Now, voters are set to go to the polls on 12th December after Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour backed the call, assured that a ...

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Britain: Parliament suspended – fight for a general election now!

By Becci Heagney, Socialist Alternative (sister organisation of the Socialist Party in England and Wales)  No to Boris coup! For mass protests, bringing together the trade unions, climate strikes movement and all those opposed to this attack on democratic rights We can’t trust capitalist MPs to protect workers and young people from a Tory No Deal Brexit! Fight for a ...

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Britain & North: Kick out Boris Johnson & the Tories! Fight for a general election!

By Socialist Party member The election of the Eton-educated, racist toff Boris Johnson as Tory leader and thus the new Prime Minister reflects the political crisis of British capitalism, but it also poses a fresh and urgent challenge to the workers’ movement. Despite his bumbling persona and his populist rhetoric, Johnson is an ideological representative of the super-rich. He campaigned ...

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