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North: We won’t wait! Abortion rights now!

In the referendum in May 2018, the Republic of Ireland saw 66.4% of the people vote Yes to repeal the anti-choice Eighth Amendment, and abortion is now freely available up to 12 weeks into pregnancy. The archaic laws on abortion in Northern Ireland have been found to breach the European Convention on Human Rights. Northern Ireland is a state where ...

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Making history: First Trans Pride takes place in Dublin

By Thomas White, organiser of Trans Pride On 28 July, Dublin had its first annual Trans Pride. It was organised from the beginning as a grassroots protest by and for Trans people. It sought to bring Pride back to its radical roots as a protest movement. It rejected the corporate veneer that suffocates most Pride events, with companies that carry ...

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Socialist feminism, abortion rights & the fight against capitalism

By Emma Quinn The fight for abortion rights in Ireland is fast approaching its pivotal moment and the mood amongst sections of women, LGBTQ and young people is one of unapologetic determination in the struggle for “Repeal”. Much more than the essential fight for basic healthcare, rights and bodily autonomy for women and pregnant people, for many, especially young people, ...

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