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Nigeria- World’s poverty capital- Interview with Nigerian Socialist

Nigeria has been named as the world’s “poverty capital” in 2018. The country has over 80 million extremely poor. In February next year there are elections, in which for the first time, the Socialist Party of Nigeria will be standing candidates. We spoke to Dagga Tolar from Democratic Socialist Movement (our sister organisation in Nigeria). Also read a report on ...

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Africa: Ebola crisis spreads

The news that the United States is to send 3,000 troops to Liberia to build isolation hospitals, while Sierra Leone has implemented a national lock-down to try to contain the Ebola virus underlines how serious the epidemic in West Africa has become.

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The tragedy of Rwanda 1994

Twenty years ago, nearly a million people were massacred in Rwanda. At the time, it went largely unreported. But it was a direct legacy of a century of colonial rule – the French state, under ‘socialist’ president, François Mitterrand, complicit in the genocide.

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