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A racist, sexist, billionaire, demagogue: How Trump can be stopped


By Conor Payne The rise of Donald Trump in the Republican Presidential Primary has been watched with horror by millions in the US and around the world. Trump is standing on a platform of open bigotry. From describing Mexican immigrants as ‘rapists’, his plan to ban muslims from entering the US, his call for women who have abortions to face ...

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Hilary Clinton: Candidate of war, Wall Street & Walmart

Hilary Clinton

By Aprille Scully Hillary Clinton’s bid to become to the first woman President has resulted in calls for progressively minded workers and young people across the US to support her. The latter in particular, and significantly young women, have rejected this and instead have supported the candidacy of Bernie Sanders. Several opinions have tried to deduce how this could be. ...

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Why Sanders must stand as an independent

Sanders rally

It is evident that the (un)Democratic Party has done whatever it thought necessary to block Bernie Sanders from gaining the presidential nomination and to stem the grassroots movement intent on challenging the billionaire class that has developed around his campaign, writes Emma Quinn. Despite national polls continually showing Bernie Sanders with the highest favourability rating of all presidential candidates it ...

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Panama Papers & tax havens: Super-rich hoard wealth

Panama papers

By Manus Lenihan Just 62 capitalists own as much wealth as the poorest 50% of the human race.   Between $21 and $32 trillion is in tax havens around the world. The Panama Papers reveal that 140 political leaders were clients of Mossack Fonseca. This is just one law firm that is estimated to control just 5% – 10% of the ...

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“Nuit Debout”: French workers and young people take to the streets

Nuit Debout

By Naomi Byron Striking workers from the railways, car factories, supermarkets, hospitals, offices and banks joined students and youth in mass demonstrations across France on 28 April. Led by lycée (further education) students, the Paris march was 60,000 strong, according to the CGT union federation. This was the latest day of action in a growing movement against a labour law ...

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Repressive EU strengthens “Fortress Europe”

Fortress Europe

By Laura Fitzgerald Imperialist intervention into the Middle East by the US and key EU powers, aided by the Irish state with warplanes refuelling in Shannon, is at the root of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. Today, over 50% of Syria’s population are displaced, many of whom have already been bereaved of loved ones, have been traumatised by seeing their home ...

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The Marxist left, the national conflict and the Palestinian struggle

The Israeli separation wall divides the Pisgat Zeev Israeli Settlement, on the left, and the Shuafat Refugee Camp, on the right, outside Jerusalem,  January 25, 2011. Al-Jazeera released leaked documents called the "Palestine Papers" that reveal  that Palestinian negotiators were willing to compromise on the issues of Jerusalem and refugees during peace talks with Israel in 2008.  UPI/Debbie Hill

Article written by members of the Socialist Struggle Movement, the sister organisation of the Socialist Party in Israel-Palestine. The article outlines how the struggle for Palestinian liberation can be won and a just and democratic solution can be achieved on the basis of a common struggle of Palestinian and Jewish working people against Israel’s capitalist regime. The Socialist Struggle Movement ...

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Unprecedented polarisation in US elections

Trump protest

By Eddie McCabe Extraordinary things are happening in the race for the presidency in the US. The once impervious two-party system that defines politics in the US is being convulsed from within, as mass social inequality and polarisation in society has seen unprecedented momentum generated for two candidates outside of both political establishments, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Sanders’ political ...

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Polarisation grows in US Presidential elections

Bernie Sanders artilce

Article by members of Socialist Alternative, the sister organisation of the Socialist Party in the US, on the Bernie Sanders’ challenge and how a new party for the 99% can be built. Bernie Sander’s political revolution will be strangled if it remains imprisoned within the corporate-controlled Democratic Party. Sanders needs to run all the way through November and lay the ...

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