Can Labour deliver real change?

Only Labour can deliver real change! That's the message on leaflets dropping into homes around the country. One recent opinion poll gave Labour 32% of the vote, indicating that they could become the biggest party in the state.

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Protest outside Russian embassy

Members of the Socialist Party held a protest outside the Russian Embassy in Dublin on Monday in response to the growing persecution of environmentalists, human rights activists, trade unionists and peaceful protesters inRussia.

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NAMA, billions for the rich – Zero for disabled, sick and struggling homeowners!

The contrast between how the government treats the wealthy developers and bankers who are in trouble and ordinary people never fails to shock. While thousands were forced out onto the streets to protest against cuts in the health budget which have resulted in the closure of essential respite services for the families of those with intellectual or physical disabilities, the government continues its kid glove treatment of those who helped cause the economic crisis.

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