IMF / EU Commission – Here As Agents For Financial Market Vampires

noimf 1

Simply put, the IMF, EU Commission and ECB are in Dublin today to carry out the dictats of the economic vampires in the Financial Markets. These faceless, unelected and unaccountable speculators seeking mega profits on the backs of working people have orchestrated the current crisis to force a bail out which secures their bad gambling debts.

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Gilmore commits Labour to austerity policies


The comment of the Labour Party to imposing austerity as part of the next government is increasingly clear. In agreeing to the target of reducing the budget deficit to 3% by 2014, Labour is pledging to implement cutbacks and attacks similar to those of the current government.

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Socialist Party annual conference takes place this weekend in Cavan


MEP and Dublin West candidate for the general election Joe Higgins commented:

"This weekend the annual conference of the Socialist Party takes place against the political and economic backdrop that points towards years of savage cutbacks, high unemployment and mass emigration of our youth unless a serious political challenge to the establishment consensus is built allied to a fightback in the form of mass protests and strike action.

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1,100 attend “Claiming our future” conference

claiming our future

The impressive attendance of  1,100 at the recent  “Claiming Our Future” conference in the RDS was a positive indication that people want an alternative to the cutback agenda on offer from the entire political establishment, both government and official opposition.  In fact twice as many applied for tickets to attend but could not be accommodated for reasons of space

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John Gahan – a full life

john gahan

Socialist Party members were greatly saddened at the untimely passing on November3rd of John Gahan, a staunch member of the party and an energetic activist in the tradeunion and labour movement.John, who was only 42, died after a six month period of illness which he met withcharacteristic courage and resilience.

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Fingal County Council Hiring of photographer for €9471 is indefensible


The decision of Fingal County Council officials to hire a photographer and have the photos taken of the 24 newly elected or re-elected Fingal County Councillors last year and then have the photos subsequently printed and framed at a cost of €9,471 is an indefensible extravagance in which the councillors themselves were entirely unwitting participants.

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To stop cuts and bailouts ICTU must take real action


In the September issue of the Union Post David Begg, ICTU general secretary and Jack O’Connor, ICTU president, argued against the government’s current economic policies. However, one thing was starkly missing from both of their statements - in fact it was missing from the whole newspaper – there was no mention of a strategy to defeat the government’s attacks on working people.

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