What is Socialism?

Q&A: How could socialism work?


Socialism is on the rise once again internationally as a new generation looks for an alternative to the inequality and injustice of capitalism. While Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn have popularised an idea of socialism in the 21st century, many questions arise as to what socialism actually is. Here Eddie McCabe and Cillian Gillespie answer some of these questions. Don’t ...

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New movements, old dilemma- Reform or Revolution today

Syriza victory

The election of the Syriza government in February 2015 was greeted with enthusiastic support by working class people in Greece and across Europe, only to turn into bitter disappointment after its capitulation to the Troika in July. As inequality and austerity continue to radicalise millions, leading to the rise of new movements of the Left, Paul Murphy argues that there ...

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Why this rotten system can’t be reformed

Article on reformism

By Kevin McLoughlin On 12 July in Paraguay the Pope told young people to “make a mess” in their struggle against capitalism. On the same day as the leader of one of the most conservative institutions on earth made this call, Syriza jettisoned its anti-austerity stance in a historic betrayal of the Greek working class. Alexis Tsipras dragged himself and ...

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Why we need a left government

greece assemblies

By Laura Fitzgerald Austerity is a one-sided class war. The politicians hand in hand with the major employers have waged a war on the pay, conditions and living standards of the broad working class through swingeing cuts to public sector pay and services, zero-hour contracts in the private sector, JobBridge, home and water taxes and more. This war is being ...

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Review “The Entrepreneurial State” by Mariana Mazzucato


By Tim Heffernan Somewhere along the line, we’ve all heard these arguments in favour of capitalism: progress is based on competition, risk taking and innovation – capitalism encourages risk takers and rewards them;we might need state ‘enterprise’ for essential infrastructure like water and electricity but, in the area of new technology, the dynamism of the private sector will always outperform the bureaucratic, ...

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Review of a classic: James Connolly’s “Socialism Made Easy”

James Connolly

By Cian Prendiville Probably Connolly’s most famous pamphlet, this short collection of articles is one that should be read by every activist and opponent of oppression. Dealing with topics such as the need for strong, fighting trade unions, a political voice for workers and real democracy – many passages could have been written yesterday. It also answers many of the ...

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Socialism: the great anti-theft movement

Illustration by Daniel Pudles for privatisation

By Cillian Gillespie In 1910, James Connolly wrote his celebrated pamphlet Socialism Made Easy. As well as playing a leading role in assisting working class people to organise for their basic rights, both he and Jim Larkin sought to popularise the ideas of socialism as an alternative to the rule of the bosses. The pamphlet sought to answer the criticisms ...

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It doesn’t have to be like this

Brazil Confed Cup Protests

By any reasonable standards capitalism in the 21st century is a disaster. Poverty, war and environmental destruction – all stemming from the profit system – as isolated issues would be testament to that fact, but the combination is lethal.

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