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Why this rotten system can’t be reformed

Article on reformism

By Kevin McLoughlin On 12 July in Paraguay the Pope told young people to “make a mess” in their struggle against capitalism. On the same day as the leader of one of the most conservative institutions on earth made this call, Syriza jettisoned its anti-austerity stance in a historic betrayal of the Greek working class. Alexis Tsipras dragged himself and ...

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Bolivia, April 2000: Uprising defeats water privatisation


By Manus Lenihan “I want to denounce the subversive attitude [which is] absolutely politically financed by narcotraffickers, who aim to destabilize the constitutional democratically elected government.” These words were spoken in response to water charge protests, but they did not come from the mouth of some Fine Gael backbencher or posh journalist. Irish anti-water charge protesters have been compared to ...

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Why we need a left government

greece assemblies

By Laura Fitzgerald Austerity is a one-sided class war. The politicians hand in hand with the major employers have waged a war on the pay, conditions and living standards of the broad working class through swingeing cuts to public sector pay and services, zero-hour contracts in the private sector, JobBridge, home and water taxes and more. This war is being ...

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The State – a tool to defend the rule of the 1%


The Occupy movement that began in the US in 2011 coined the terms, the 1% and the 99%. The movement was evocatively referring to the existence of a ruling class, encapsulated in the term the 1% a – the super-rich elite that owns and controls the key global wealth, resources and means of production.

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Review “The Entrepreneurial State” by Mariana Mazzucato


By Tim Heffernan Somewhere along the line, we’ve all heard these arguments in favour of capitalism: progress is based on competition, risk taking and innovation – capitalism encourages risk takers and rewards them;we might need state ‘enterprise’ for essential infrastructure like water and electricity but, in the area of new technology, the dynamism of the private sector will always outperform the bureaucratic, ...

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The inspirational life of Eleanor Marx


By Christine Thomas (originally published in Socialism Today, magazine of the Socialist Party in England and Wales) Eleanor Marx played a pivotal role in the mass strikes in the East End of London in the 19th century and campaigned for a mass workers’ party. She was to the forefront of the struggle for women’s rights and for international solidarity. CHRISTINE ...

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