Join the Socialist Party in your college

socialist students

Sociologists, economists and other commentators have prophesised that, as a result of this crisis our generation can look forward to a life with a lower standard of living than our parents. The establishment are determined to make us young people pay for their greed and corruption, with a future of cutbacks, unemployment and emigration.

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Door shut on thousands seeking education

education protest

“We aim to develop a smart economy and become known as the innovation island”, according to that esteemed authority on all things “smart”, Brian Cowen. In fact, in his speech in 2008 on “Building Ireland’s Smart Economy”, the word appears over and over again. The word education however is noticeably absent in the 2,000 word speech.

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Post Leaving Cert Disaster


I am just finished doing a science PLC (Post Leaving Certificate) course and I found the science aspects of the year interesting enough, the trouble is only half of my classes are science based the other half are classes designed simply to stretch out the year.

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FÁS new jobs plan: Work for free!


Imagine being turned down after a job interview. Then imagine checking an employment website some time later only to find an ad for that same job, word for word, except for the fact that it is now a "Work Placement Programme"- a job where your only "pay" is a few words on your CV. There are now a range of job advertisements on offering nine-month, full-time contracts, each declaring that "This is a work placement programme and does not offer a salary."

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“Why I joined the Socialist Party”

aine nic liam

After my mother, Susie Long, died in 2007 after waiting seven months for a potentially lifesaving diagnostic procedure which private patients were receiving within days at the same hospital I naturally became concerned about the link between income inequality and inequality in health in our society.

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Love Parade catastrophe was preventable

love parade

Did the organizers stop at nothing for profits?

20 people died in the horrific stampede at the July 24 Love Parade festival in the German city of Duisburg, 500 were injured and, for a time, over 1 000 people were officially listed as missing. The revellers panicked at a tunnel entrance. But, already in the build up to the parade many thought there was a risk of mass panic developing.

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Stop the deportation of the Adeniran family

bola protest

The Adeniran family who have lived in Ireland for many years are facing deportation to Nigeria after their High Court bid for asylum failed. A group of Balbriggan school students who attend the Community College with the eldest son, Bola, have come together to fight the deportation and have formed the Friends of the Adeniran Family campaign.

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Action now on Youth Suicide


Pieta House, an organisation dealing with prevention of suicide and selfharm, is reporting an increase in the numbers of, particularly young, people, who are considering suicide in the context of the economic crisis.

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Lady Gaga & Female Liberation?


Pop sensation of the moment, Lady Gaga, has recently topped one billion views of her videos on Youtube. Her new 10-minute music video Telephone is creating quite a stir. The video has been praised as exemplifying “liberated” female sexuality and Lady Gaga herself has been held up in the media, including by feminists, as a “feminist icon and a gender revolutionary” and “a strong symbolic figure… for the openly and secretly flamboyant of all genders and sexualities.”

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