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An Post – 67% vote to stay in CPSU


CPSU An Post members have voted by a significant majority not to join the CWU but to remain in the CPSU. This decision went against the wishes of the CPSU general secretary, the CWU general secretary and the management of An Post who all encouraged the move.

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ESB workers militancy pays off


With the stroke of a pen, the highly profitable ESB tried to change the pensions of its workforce from defined benefits (DB) to defined contributions (DC) and also claim that they had no more responsibility toward the financing of our pensions.

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After Haddington Road – Should a new teachers union be set up?


Following the ballot on Haddington Road by ASTI members, a meeting is being called to consider setting up a new secondary teachers union. The meeting is called by some members of ASTI Fightback, (an activist group within the ASTI), in reaction to anger and frustration felt at the imposition of a third ballot and the ongoing machinations of the union leadership.

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Bus workers’ strike should continue, for the sake of all workers

joe interview

It really is an extraordinary situation. You have a national public transport company – Bus Eireann. It is in the ownership of the State. It provides a really essential service in linking up our cities, towns and rural villages and delivering thousands of children to schools every day. It ventures into parts of Ireland where no private bus company would go because it is not profitable. But now the Government declares that the company will crash unless it cannibalises €5 million from the wages of its drivers and ancillary staff.

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Why the unions must fight

00union poster 2

The resounding rejection of Croke Park II by public sector workers presented an important opportunity for working class people to challenge and defeat the austerity agenda.

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Support the strike action by Bus Eireann workers


The workers at Bus Eireann face an annual loss of income of €3,000 to €4,000 if the company are successful in imposing the cuts in pay premia and conditions. This is simply unaffordable and the workers have clearly been left with no alternative but to take this stand.

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