Repeal the 8th

A referendum is a real citizens’ assembly

Irish politics this summer has been dominated by the widespread and ever more vocal outcry for Repeal of the 8th Amendment. No matter how much the political establishment tries to hide away from the issue, a powerful campaign for repeal has exploded on to the scene and will not just ebb away.

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The Church, the State & the oppression of women

By Emma Quinn In 1922, the Southern Irish State was born into poverty and a backward economy. The Catholic Church was the perfect crutch for its limp ruling class to prop itself up and assert its power and authority over the working class. It was also the tool to provide needed services like healthcare and education in the absence of ...

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Momentum for abortion rights grows- Repeal the 8th now!

By Monika Janas The general election has come and gone and the 8th Amendment is still here, in case you were wondering. Warm and cosy in the constitution where it has the power to strip women of their bodily autonomy and make them into incubators. Despite this, the mood has shifted. Pro-choice sentiment grows Political parties are finding it more ...

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