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Halifax Axe 750 Jobs – Fightback Needed

Halifax informed 750 workers over a conference call that they will be joining the dole queues. Profit and self-preservation come at all costs for the senior bankers even at the cost of jobs and services. Halifax came to Ireland to make profits. Now the bubble is burst they are viciously axing jobs and services.

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Hermitage attack pay and conditions

A generalised assault is underway against the pay and conditions of workers in the private health sector. In the likes of the Bon Secours and the Mater Private the employers have sought to impliment paycuts in line with the governement attacks on public service pay.

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Underage Sex a Crime?

A RECENT case in which a judge jailed a 19 year old for having consensual sex with his girlfriend (16 and three-quarters years of age) has exposed the unjust and backward nature of laws governing young people and sexual activity.

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