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Potential for new Left movement


By Kevin McLoughlin Christmas is coming, so too is the general election and the political games involving the four main parties. However, there is an alternative to the political horse trading where the interests of working class people are just a chip to be bartered with so that these parties can gain power. We need a wholly new political movement ...

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Real change requires system change- The fight for a left government

SYRIZA photo

By Cillian Gillespie After seven years and €31 billion worth of austerity, we are told that we are in the midst of an economic recovery. However, for most people this recovery means a new housing crisis, skyrocketing rents and the creation of low paid temporary jobs. There is now a working poor in our society, with 25% of the workforce ...

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Can Sinn Féin deliver for the 99%?

Sinn Fein

By Laura Fitzgerald Unfortunately, despite Sinn Féin signing up to the Right2Change initiative that gives a different appearance, Sinn Féin are in fact moderating their rhetoric as they come closer to power in a rightward shift. Not only is Sinn Féin’s record on water charges weak with its continued refusal to advocate non-payment of the water charges, Sinn Fein have ...

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Worker exploitation rife in fishing industry

Fishing industry

By Councillor Michael O’Brien The Guardian newspaper recently published a major exposé about the systematic super exploitation of non-EU migrants in the fishing industry in Ireland. However this situation was brought to the government’s attention some years earlier by the office of Joe Higgins TD among others. In early 2013, at the prompting of Ken Fleming of the International Transport ...

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Schools Admissions policies: Separate Church and State

church and state

By Robert Cosgrave On Sunday, October 25 hundreds of people came out on the streets of Dublin to protest against the continued dominance of the Catholic Church in the Irish education system. Similarly in an online poll for the Irish Times released this year the majority of participants agreed that equal access to schools should be given to all children, ...

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Only a government that will challenge the system can bring real justice for working class people


I note the article in today’s Irish Times and the coverage on some radio programmes regarding Sinn Féin’s call for co-operation from left parties for the coming general election. This appeal for unity with the left and anti-water charges activists comes very quickly after a leading spokesperson for Sinn Féin, Pádraig Mac Lochlainn, talked positively about co-operation and coalition with ...

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“Abortion Pill Bus” defies the 8th

Abortion rights

By Monika Janas Despite the abominable ban on abortion in Ireland, it is a fact of life that women still obtain them.  Twelve women a day travel to Great Britain for their services. Unfortunately, while some may have the resources and funds to go abroad, others may feel they have to resolve to life-endangering methods in their desperation. This is ...

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Keep up the pressure to… Repeal the 8th amendment

Abortion demo

By Katia Hancke At the end of September over 10,000 people – young, vibrant, passionate and confident about the issue – made a very clear statement at the March for Choice: our time is now. We can’t wait, repeal the 8th! Repeal gains support They reflected the widespread support for repeal of the 8th amendment out of the constitution right ...

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