Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland: Fight the Public Assemblies Bill

The Assembly Executive is preparing an act that will criminalise the right to protest. The “Public Assemblies Bill” proposed by the working group on parades after the Hillsborough Agreement will mean all protests of 50 or more people will be illegal acts unless they ask permission 37 days before hand!

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Saville Inquiry – Role of army chiefs and establishment in killings and cover-up remains unanswered

The publication of the Report of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry, more commonly known as the Saville Inquiry, has brought to light, once again, the murderous and brutal lengths the British capitalist state is prepared to go to defend its interests. The Saville Inquiry, which cost nearly £200 million and lasted 12 years, has officially confirmed what everyone has known all along - that those who were murdered by the British Army on Bloody Sunday were innocent. What the inquiry has failed to expose or even attempt to explain, is what was the role of the Edward Heath Tory government in 1972 and the British army chiefs, in the events of Bloody Sunday and in the subsequent cover-up. On these crucial questions, the Saville Inquiry is silent and has failed. In that respect, it is another form of an official cover-up of the role of the British state in the events of that day and their aftermath.

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Terror returns to Moscow

Thirty eight people died and over 70 were badly injured when two bombs exploded on the Moscow metro during yesterday’s morning rush hour. This is not just a tragedy in which working people died, but an act intended to terrify people, an act which will have serious social and political consequences.

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Opposition to library closures mounts

The proposal to close fifteen libraries in the Belfast area has been met with strong opposition. Hazel Gilliland, who has been campaigning against the closures in Ballymacarrett told the The Socialist that, "the proposals would have a devastating effect.

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The cul-de-sac of dissident republicanism

One year on from the killing of two British soldiers at Massereene barracks in Antrim and the shooting of a PSNI officer in Craigavon, attacks carried out by dissident republican groups have become more frequent, sophisticated and deadly.

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Northern Ireland: Stop the health cuts!

The Assembly Executive is to carry out cuts amounting to £113 million from the health service this year. This decision, collectively agreed by the parties in the Executive, as part of the Draft Expenditure Plans 2010/11, is a direct attack on health services which will have a major impact on thousands of patients.

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