Northern Ireland

Paisley’s legacy: peace or bloody division?


How will Ian Paisley, who has died at the age of 88, be remembered? As the firebrand preacher who stoked the fires of conflict in Northern Ireland or as a peacemaker and the partner in government of Martin McGuinness? Many people struggle to make sense of what appear to be entirely contradictory phases in his life. Most of the media, ...

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Haass talks failure – Sectarian politicians cannot find way forward


The scene seemed set for yet another 'landmark' deal in the history of the peace process. The negotiations continued into the early hours of New Year's Eve. Yet – despite six months of work and 33 days of negotiations and much fanfare – the talks process led by US diplomat Richard Haass failed to reach agreement between the five Assembly Executive parties on how to deal with parades, the past, flags and emblems, with only the nationalist parties endorsing the final draft proposals.

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Parades & protests: Sectarian politicians deliver only conflict

000 loyalist

Events of the weekend of 9 August to the 11th shone a spotlight on the sectarian landscape of Northern Ireland in 2013. There was fierce rioting in the city centre of Belfast on the 9th when up to 2000 loyalists mobilised to block an “anti-internment” march organised by a number of dissident republican groups.

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HET bias exposed – state incapable of dealing with the past

0005 het

The Historical Enquiries Team (HET) has been exposed as biased in its “investigation” of crimes carried out by the British Army, RUC and UDR over the course of the Troubles. Two reports have revealed that a softly-softly approach has been taken when questioning soldiers and police officers.

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