Northern Ireland

Collusion: The­ British State’s dirty war

Dublin Monaghan bombing

By Stephen Boyd The BBC Panorama programme ‘Britain’s Secret Terror Deals’ has shed light again on the murky world that was the dirty war fought by the British state in Northern Ireland. This harrowing documentary focused on high-profile sectarian killings and assassinations in which it is alleged state forces such as the RUC, MI5, Special Branch and Army Intelligence protected ...

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North: Step up the fight for LGBTQ equality

Bert and Ernie

By Kevin Henry The vote for marriage equality in the South is an important point of inspiration in the fight for equality here. Many will also be disappointed that, once again, Northern Ireland is being left behind when it comes to LGBT rights, as well as women’s rights, while racist attacks increase and sectarian division continues to pervade society. DUP: ...

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North: Election marks growing rejection of sectarian status quo

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By Daniel Waldron and Kevin  Henry While the election in Northern Ireland may, on the surface, seem to have been business as usual, the results suggest that rejection of the sectarian status quo is growing. Opposition to austerity and reactionary social policies found a voice in the midst of the campaign. There are positive pointers towards the opportunities to build ...

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Trade unions & Sinn Féin: Dangerous times

SF 2015

“We publish below an article originally printed in the northern March edition of The Socialist newspaper. Recent comments by trade union leaders, claiming that Sinn Fein are “anti-austerity” rings hollow when spoken at the same time that public sector workers are engaged in a struggle against savage Assembly cuts, including those imposed by Sinn Fein ministers. These statements also threaten ...

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Controversy over Newry Play Park

Newry play park

In 2001, a childrens’ play park in Newry was named after hunger striker Raymond McCreesh. The move remains intensely controversial to this day. In recent weeks sectarian politicians from Sinn Fein and the unionist parties have clashed repeatedly in the council chamber, on the airways and in the press on the issue.

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Stormont faces crisis over welfare reform


Only weeks after the “historic” Stormont House Agreement, the Assembly Executive hit another bump in the road, with Sinn Féin withdrawing support for the programme of attacks of benefits known as welfare “reform”.

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Hooded men: State brutality under the spotlight


By  Daniel Waldron On the basis of new evidence having come to light, the Irish government has agreed to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights to reopen the case of the ‘Hooded Men’. These fourteen men were interned without trial in 1971 and subjected to horrific abuse – termed “deep interrogation” – at Ballykelly army base. None of ...

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“Conscience” Clause enshrines homophobia into law


By Kevin Henry The attempt by the DUP to amend Northern Ireland’s equality laws to allow religious business owners to refuse services to LGBT customers if it is “facilitating” an act against their religion is an attempt to enshrine a right to discriminate into law. This attempt to drive society backwards would make it perfectly acceptable under the law for ...

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Agreeing Not To Agree, Again – The Stormont House Agreement

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By Michael Cleary On December 23rd the five Executive parties and the British and Irish governments signed off on the “Stormont House Agreement”. The Agreement came at the end of eleven weeks of intense negotiations which concluded with 30 hours of continuous talks. First Minister Peter Robinson has stated that the agreement is “a monumental step forward”. Deputy First Minister ...

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